Another year has gone.  The end of 2017 was rough.  Everyone got sick with a stomach bug followed shortly after by the flu.  Trying to keep up with everything while caring for 3 sick kids, finding time to spend with family, and being sick myself was totally overwhelming. So I’m ready to start the new year.

I start this year with one word to focus on, MINDFULNESS.  I want to be more mindful in all aspects of my life.  More mindful of what I put into my body, more mindful of how I speak to my kids and others, more mindful of how I spend my time, more mindful of what’s important.

So Happy New Year!  Here’s to a year of mindfulness, happiness, and simplicity.


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do you geo?

Have you heard of geocaching?  We are new to the hobby, but we are having a lot of fun with it!  The kids call it treasure hunting, which is a pretty accurate description of what geocaching is.  We had gone out twice before and never found anything, but this past Friday we finally had success!

I took the girls down to the local trail to meet up with some friends.  They played on the playground, rode their bikes around, and then off we went treasure hunting.  The first we went looking for was called “Halloween Tree”.  After traipsing through the woods we saw a tree that looked like a pretty good hiding place.  We walked around it, looked inside all the crevices, and then I noticed some bark that looked like it had been placed there strategically.  Ding Ding Ding!!!  We found the cache!!

Inside the geocache were an assortment of little trinkets, Teagan picked out a coin from Spain, and I took the medallion show above, it was a stamp of Dowjr’s first find, and since this was our first find I thought it was appropriate!   After writing our names in the log (we are McCarthy5), we carefully re-hid the cache and were on our way to the next one.


The next one we found was called “R&R on Sligo”, and the trail we took into the woods was next to a little bench.  This one was in the center of a rotted out log….look, there it is!

Sweet!  Another smiley face on our geocache map!  The last one we found was a little magnetic one on the walk back.  It was so small it didn’t have room for any treasures, just a log book to add our name to.

After nap that day we met up with the same friends at the park up the street.  There was a 3-part geocache hidden there.  We found part 1, but since dinnertime was coming up we called it a day on our treasure hunt and are going to pick it back up another day.

So, do you geocache?  If so, what app do you like to use?  I currently just have the basic version of geocaching which doesn’t show us many of the caches so I’m thinking of upgrading to the paid version.  Do  you have a free one you recommend?

Until next time, happy hunting!!


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